#DesireMap Free & Clear Week 1: Retrospection

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Why Do We Make Things Harder Than They Have to Be?

For six months I kept saying I’m going to make myself a hula hoop since I left mine back in Brooklyn. I had the instructions bookmarked and I went to the hardware store to price the raw materials. For six months, I kept thinking about a hula hoop, knowing that I wanted one custom to my size and my skill level (which is sad for someone who can roll with the best of them).

Yesterday I finally went to the hardware store and bought the materials. It took me less than ten minutes to put it together and less than ten minutes to figure out how to wrap it with the tape. I may need to make a few more hoops get the hang of wrapping, but done is better than perfect. Continue reading "Why Do We Make Things Harder Than They Have to Be?"

Kitesurfing in Kailua

What If You Started Now?

Ever heard that saying, If you’re on time, you’re late?

That’s how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions. A lot of people say, I’m going to do X starting January 1st, but that’s already too late! If you start a few months earlier, taking small, actionable, and realistic steps, come January 1st, you’d already have momentum.

What if January wasn’t the best time for kickstarting new goals, when some of us are in the dark cold of winter? Why not try something a little different this year?

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Use Your Thrive Market Membership to Support Harvey Recovery

For the entire month of September, Thrive Market will give every dollar donated at checkout through their Spread the Health program to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donations will go toward healthy Thrive Market food, baby supplies, and clean water, all purchased at cost, and shipped directly to our partner organizations on the ground in areas affected by the storm.

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