I instigate people and ideas towards juicy, connected, unconditional living.

I love showing people how to create their own version of health and happiness without dieting and deprivation. In my health coaching programs, I offer tools and insights that help my clients figure out which of their habits and choices are keeping them from feeling and living their best selves.

By meeting you where you are and supporting health at every size, you're  empowered to make your own decisions. Together, we make feeling good fun and long-lasting.

Since 2005, I've facilitated special projects in food, farming, and wellness, helping to improve access to local food in New York through farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture, buying clubs, agritourism, workshops, policy, and other experiential programming.

As a health coach, I disrupt diet dogma and rigid beliefs about food and fitness, supporting health at every size in my Honeybee Wellness Club   and via Badass Blending.

I love starting juicy and shameless conversations on food, intimacy, and desire to help women over 35 reclaim and redefine womanhood, love, and livelihood on their own terms in  Truth + Desire Lab.

A graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a KRI Level I Kundalini Yoga Instructor, my eclectic and broad background in local and community food advocacy, photography, youth development, improv, hospitality, and community service informs my whole systems approach to getting the right shit done.

I push my clients outside of their comfort zones, helping them to challenge the self-limiting beliefs that keep them from living connected and on purpose in their work and in their lives.