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The health coaching relationship is much more than getting you to follow and stick with yet another weight loss plan. If you're ready to stretch yourself beyond what you're used to doing within mainstream diet culture, I invite you to schedule a health history.

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What Do You Keep Choosing Instead of What You Really Want?

Are you stuck in a story or limiting belief that says you must earn, eat, look a certain way, or be in a relationship before you can start living your life?

There's no one-size-fits-all diet or magic formula to living a healthy, happy life.

We live in a world where anything we want to learn, do, or experience is a internet search, app, or class away, so why are we still holding on to the notion that our physical appearance, our job, our marital status, or any other social classifier determines our success? Why do we believe that what we want is out of reach?

While it's certainly easier to get what you want when you have education, money, and good health, striving or waiting for everything to fall into place without a connection to your core desires and your pleasure is a surefire way to miss out completely on the very thing you say you want.

I'm Melissa Danielle. I  help ambitious women tell the truth about what they want and then I help them get it.

When you're being honest, what's really behind your pursuit of an ideal body, relationship, job, and whatever else you've been depriving yourself of to achieve?

To be clear, I'm not saying that you shouldn't want any of these things. I'm simply inviting you to imagine a new way of thinking and being about your life around what you want more of, which isn't dieting, deprivation, or losing your identity in a status (I really hope it isn't).

Instead of depriving and denying yourself, instead of focusing on what you don't have or what you think you should have, I invite you to get clear on your desires and do more of what feels good to you.

Your desires are the gateway to your expansion and expression of the life you envision for yourself.

My core desired feelings  are abundant, juicy, and satisfied, along with others that change with the seasons and a few I keep to myself.

When I align my goals and decision-making with how I want to feel, I remain true and grounded in my soul's integrity.

Discover yours here.

As a multi-passionate, disruptive, and creative badass, I show ambitious women how to clarify their desires and turn on their pleasure centers so they can become the wildest and juiciest versions of themselves.

When the Dalai Lama proclaimed that the Western woman would change the world, I took it as a call to action to hold space for them.

I began by doing the inner Work: releasing clutter, upleveling my self-care, healing my mother wound, writing a new money story, saying No to things that no longer served my highest self.

I am fiercely committed to continuous personal growth.  And while I enjoy self-study, personal growth doesn't happen in a vacuum. Humans are social creatures and thrive in relationships and groups.

I lived and worked in Brooklyn and throughout New York State and now call Hawaii home. In my previous life, I launched or collaborated on special projects in food, farming, wellness, and outdoor recreation, primarily in underserved communities with an emphasis on reconnecting farmers to eaters and getting cityfolk onto farms and in the outdoors.

I'm an advocate for cooperative self-reliance, local living economies, and asset-based community development.

For more about me, click here. For updates on my projects, events, and how to work with me, head over here . You can also join me on Instagram.